Here are some sample pictures of projects we have done in London, as you can see some are quite challenging

This was from a cleaning project in August this year, using a platform crane.

This was the same project in August, we do before, during and after picutres


You may have seen our vans around London

This is a job from January this year, it's the inside of a canopy

This picture was during an installation of a complete venting system in April this year, again in London

It's not always easy to get the size of some of the extraction fans we have to use, this is a completed job picture

This is another recent job in October this year showing the standard of works we do.



This was a custom made extraction housing with fan system, cut, shaped and fabricated in our workshops before installing for a London Restaurant, completed earlier this year


Typical Example Of What We Do On Site

Picture 1 right,  shows a panel cut from the ventilation shaft to gain access for cleaning, it's the best way to make sure a good job is done.

Picture 2 left, shows our man in the duct shaft, scraping the grease and dirt from the inside, it also shows the what collects and must be removed.

Picture 3 left, shows our man after a cleaning session, the after effects of a good cleaning job, as you can see, it can get a little dirty.

Picture 4 right, shows access panels cut and then sealed in the ductwork, with the buckets full of grease cleaned from inside the duct.